Our 3 Step Easy Ceiling and Wall Repair

Here is our quick and easy 3 Step Simple Ceiling and Wall Repair!

From a hole in the wall to a complete renovation package we provide Professional Maintenance and repair work to suit all your needs.

Below we have a kitchen ceiling repair. A small bubble has formed on the ceiling and needs to be repaired. Below we will show you our quick and easy 3 step approach to repair this deficiency.

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Below is our quick and easy 3 Step Simple Ceiling and Wall Repair!

Step – Prepare by scraping the excess plaster flat, remove the bubble and lose debris with a paint scraper.


Step -Apply plaster in stages with appropriate sized plaster knife, first coat fills in the gaps. This particular spot took three coats of plaster. Smooth and wipe clean to avoid extra sanding. Let your plaster dry and sand smooth. Your finish is only as good as your sanding!


Step – Paint. Match your colors! Your first coat of paint will be absorbed by your plaster and appear blotchy when dry. It’s best to Prime the plastered areas first then apply two coats of paint.


– 20 min quick set plaster
 Matching paint and rollers.
– Paint scraper
– 6 inch plaster knife
Sanding block
Drop cloth to avoid spillage.
Broom and dustpan for clean up.
And most important a safety mask to avoid dry wall dust

Approx time- 40+ minutes including dry time between Plaster/paint coats.


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