Hire a professional or do it yourself?

 Shampooing is one of the oldest and successful methods of carpet cleaning. Mechanically operated machine brushes work a cleaning solution into the carpet. Excess moisture and soil are then suctioned away. When the carpet has dried, it is thoroughly vacuumed.
         Technology today has yielded various methods as well as a specialized carpet cleaning machines. One of the most popular methods is using do it yourself carpet extractor machines (available for rental in grocery stores.) However, this method is usually a poor choice for several reasons.
          Rental or home machines have their “brand name” carpet cleaning solution for purchase. These solutions are formulated to be neutral ph, so that no damaging can occur. However, neutral ph detergents are very soapy. Even when used as directed they leave a lot of residue that acts like a magnet; quickly re-soiling the carpet. It then usually takes 2-3 clear hot water rinses to properly remove the soapy residue. Unfortunately, rental and home machines put a lot of moisture into the carpet; their vacuum power is not strong enough to effectively extract it.
           Some homeowners may not be aware that every carpet manufacturer has strong recommendations for the care and maintenance.  Manufacturers also recommend professional carpet cleaning at least once per year; more often for high traffic and heavy soil conditions.
           The overall best bet is to take advantage of the services of a trained stream cleaning professional. Some people may be discouraged at professional carpet cleaning prices, but professional carpet care services are well worth the investment; insuring many years of extended carpet life.

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